What an appropriate name for this bar (said sarcastically). I’m not going to beat around the bush here, there is one feature about this bar that is very troublesome. So, what is the first thing you would expect from a bar called "Nuts"? Would it be caramel? How about nougat? Chocolate? No, you would expect some kind of nut. It could be a peanut (I know they’re not actually nuts, but for the sake of this argument let’s say they are), walnut, hazelnut, or even a pecan. Wait a minute, my second bite reveals something interesting, yes there is a nut, a single nut. In finishing this bar, that one nut is all that I've received, one single hazelnut.

This is a bar that was really great, but only for one bite. The strange thing is it wasn't the first or the last bite; it was 2nd bite out of 4. Mathematically that means that one quarter of this bar is a spectacular mix of hazel nuts and chocolate with nougat and caramel. If I could review portions of candies, this bar would do very well. Unfortunately, I tend to review candy bars as a whole, and that means that this bar is three quarters very disappointing. I might even call this bar extremely disappointing since the name would imply that I would actually be having lots of nuts.

The best way to describe this bar is to say that it’s like a Mars Bar with hazelnuts, with three bites of disappointment. There is something very wrong with the design and name of this bar. The only reason I would recommend that you get this bar is if you want to experience the craziness of a bar that will disappoint you greatly.