Nuts About Caramel


Now I like caramel about as much as the next guy, but I don't think I'm “nuts” about it. Wow that had to be the worst beginning for a review I have ever done, and I've written almost 100 reviews so far. This Nuts about Caramel bar has some great things going for it, and I’m going to list them off right now. First of all, the chocolate is very high quality, and that's very important for a bar like this. I consider the chocolate to be the part of this bar that holds it all together both physically and flavour wise, it’s the common theme. The caramel is also great, it has a great consistency and tastes great too. If I was to stop here, what you have is a great Caramilk bar (or something like it), this format is very popular and also very common.

The good thing is the folks at Cadbury didn’t stop there, they decided to let the voyage to flavour and texture country continue. In addition to the fine chocolate and caramel this bar adds a full hazel nut to every square. This hazelnut adds a lot when it comes to texture of this bar but unfortunately it really is hidden when it comes to taste. I just find that the caramel and the chocolate are so tasty and powerful that the hazelnut really can't compete.

The concept of this bar is really creative, and I like the attention to detail of adding one hazelnut to each square. Unfortunately, the balance of flavours didn’t work out very well, and the hazelnut flavour is lost. Having said that, I think this bar is well worth trying.