Nutter Butter Bites


Now I know that this is a gray area when it comes to candy, are cookies really candy? Some of you might argue that cookies aren’t candy and frankly I don't care, I was in the mood for some small cookies so I got small cookies. Are they candy? Well, their close enough in my opinion. My argument is that these are packaged in a single serving, and sold in the candy isle at the store where I bought them. If you still disagree with the idea of these being candy or not, I welcome you to start your own candy review site, and you’re welcome to omit them.

The great thing about these Nutter Butter Bites has to be the freshness. No matter how well you seal bags of cookies they never seem totally fresh all the time. These cup sealed cookies however were crunchy on the outside, and the filling was good and soft. While there are many features of cookies that are important, if you don’t deliver them fresh, even the best cookies in the world will be fairly lackluster. While I don’t like to focus on packaging on this site, it’s worth mentioning how important it can be on some occasions.

As for the cookies themselves, I've always been a fan of peanut butter cookies so these really hit the spot. The only way that you can ruin peanut butter cookies is to use bad peanut butter, but I had no problem with these Nutter Butter Bites. I guess the only complaint I have is one I have with every peanut butter cookie I've ever tried, and that's how thirsty they make me. Having said that, I’m not too sure that Nabisco could do anything about that, short from offering a free cartoon of milk with each package.

These cookies are simple peanut butter cookies, and that’s just the way cookies should be.