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Oh Henry "Oh Canada"


Taste: 4

Texture: 3.5

Novelty: 4

All scores out of 5

August 19 2007

As a patriot of this country I have to be fair and just look at this treat for what it is not for what it represents right? Naw, I'm gonna give this one a few extra points for being Canadian, sure it's wrong, but hey what are you going to do?

Flavour wise I have to be honest I had a really hard time finding anything Maple like at all. I tried eating parts of it separately, I tried to concentrate but I really couldn't find anything maple like about it. I always think that maple sugar or syrup is a strong flavour and you have to respect that when using it in a treat. So often candy companies delude it down to nothing then the bar is just the same as it was when you started.

Now onto the cool part of this chocolate bar, the centre. Sure they just could have given it a maple flavour and that would have been Canadian (or at least Vermont like) but they went the extra mile. The centre is red and white, yup, that simple brown fudge centre log thing is red and white. I think that's so cool. The colour is so bold and the surprise so cool that I was blow away. I liked the word play with "Oh Henry" and "Oh Canada".

Thank you my pro Canada rant is done.