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Oh Henry "Pro"


Taste: 1.5

Texture: .5

Novelty: 2

All scores out of 5

May 19 2008

I think I may have tainted this review a little, you see when I took a look at this bar I was in a bit of a "Candy Critic mental block". I just got sick of the idea of reviewing another variation bar. I eat way too many of these things and sure I could just not review them but they're so predominant in the candy world I think it would be wrong not to. So I said to myself, all you have to do to review this treat is compare it to the original, and that was a big mistake.

One bite into it and I could tell this was no Oh Henry, I can't even really figure out how or why they share a name with that awesome treat. First of all there is no fudge in the centre, instead there's some kind of pasty (kind of like smooth peanut butter) centre log with no particular flavour at all. All this strange centre managed to do was make me really thirsty, not good considering I didn't have any water with me at the time. Secondly there was virtually no caramel at all. I can't prove it but I really couldn't find a single trace. All the other ingredients where the same though, but considering all the other ingredients are just peanuts and chocolate, that's kind of sad.

The one positive is I must say for the few "protein" bars I've eaten in my life this one's not bad. I really think the problem was that I, like a fool, read the label and expected an Oh Henry bar, instead of an ok protein bar.