Old Dutch "Dill Pickle"

Old Dutch

These potato chips are kind of legendary here in Canada. This particular brand of chips has even made appearances in some Canadian television shows. I first heard of their appeal when an article I wrote about my love of Cherry Blossoms had an article by the Canadian Prime Ministers wife bellow it. The article was all about how much she loved Old Dutch Dill Pickle potato chips. I started to ask around and I found that many Canadians in the west really love these chips, and that they’re one of the great hidden treats of western Canada. This article came out before the trend started to spread across Canada, and now they’re available all over the country. The question is however, is it worth all the hype?

It's not that I've never had dill pickle chips in my life before these ones, in fact I've had several different kinds of dill pickle chips. So, the questions is, are these dill pickle chips vastly superior to the chips I’ve had in the past, should I be trusting the Prime Ministers wife? Right off the bat, I can say that these may in fact be the best dill pickle chips I've ever had. First of all, the flavour isn't too strong but it's also not too weak. I often find dill pickle chips are super sour. I think this is done just because it creates the effect of a sour pickle, but I often find the sour used for most dill pickle chips isn't the same as the sour in real dill pickles, and it just ruins the flavour. These although powerful enough, still have a great flavour.

While these do have a great flavour, I'm not sure if these chips taste anything like a real pickle (I don't have one with me to compare right now), but that unmistakable pickle potato chip flavour is ok. I guess my only complaint is that the chips could be a little higher quality. They're not bad and not the worst I've had by a long shot, but I've had better.