Lay's "Epitika (Olive Oil)"


A subtle pallet, that's pretty much what you need in order to taste any difference between these olive oil chips and Lays regular plain potato chips. I think that my pallet is pretty good at distinguishing flavours, but I can't really taste anything different between these chips and a regular bag of chips (although I don’t have a bag of regular chips to compare it to). Maybe with the comparison there might be a slight stronger oil flavour to these ones but I'd have to do a taste test to be sure.

So why would someone want then to buy a bag of chips made with olive oil instead of regular... whatever oil they normally use (some kind of vegetable I assume)? I think two kinds of people will go nuts over this idea. First and foremost, the health-conscious people that believe they should be eating more olive oil rather than whatever other oil they might use for the regular chips will likely go for these. Or at the very least those who believe they are health conscious might be happy with these. Studies have shown that olive oil is better for you than most oils so maybe eating a bag of these is healthier.

The other group of people that will eat these up (pun intended) are the folks that simply like trendy exotic foods. Greek food is very popular and olives are one of the main foods Greeks are famous for. So, I can see someone trying them out because they simply want to taste something a little more Greek.