Chocolate Mascots "Wenlock and Mandeville"


I'm going to do something for this review that I rarely do... in fact I don't think I've ever done this before in a review. I'm going to focus on the strangeness of these Olympic mascots, and not on the candy. You might ask why I would do this, since this is a site all about reviewing candy and it's simple. The chocolate used to make these mascots is fantastic. It's a beautiful milk chocolate with a small center full of bubbles. The chocolate is exceptionally smooth and tasty. It melted really well in my mouth, and just a little on my fingers. As far as flavour and texture go, it's pretty much perfect. My only complaint would be the bubbles in the center, I only complain about that because I want more chocolate because it was so good.

Since you now know how I feel about the chocolate itself, we’ll look back to these mascots. I'm not really sure what the Olympic committee had in mind when they came up with these two. Maybe children's nightmare might be one idea. A shinny, children's nightmare with logos pasted all over them. Don't get me wrong, I've actually liked some Olympic mascots, in fact I absolutely loved the mascots for the recent Vancouver Olympics. I even went so far as to buy a stuffed Quatchi (he was the Sasquatch) doll from those Olympics.

I just don't understand these two, they seem ultra modern, strange, and emotionless Nothing particularly cute, or interesting about them at all. The names are strange enough that there might be something interesting there, but the characters themselves just don't do it for me. If anyone has an explanation that might explain their freakish look, please let me know.

The thing is these chocolates are fantastic, and it made eating the likeness of these two strange creatures a little gratifying.