OMG's Clusters "Dark"


I think the difference between the dark chocolate OMG's and the milk chocolate OMG's is going to be something of a debate. Some people may prefer these dark chocolate OMG's because they prefer dark chocolate. These people may argue that the milk chocolate OMG's are too sweet, and they prefer the very slightly bitter flavour of these dark chocolate OMG's. I would not be one of these people. While these OMG's were very tasty, I think the smooth milk chocolate lent itself much better to the nuts, toffee, and graham cracker bits.

While I can understand why the folks at OMG's would make a dark chocolate version, to please the dark chocolate lovers of the world, I really didn't find these to be very creative. I think this treat has a great deal of potential for variations, but I don't think that using dark chocolate is a big stretch. I think different nuts, maybe the addition of raisins, or something even more out there could change these into something very unique from the original. I just find that simply using dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate is lacking creativity.

I don't blame the folks at OMG's for making this variation as I'm sure from a financial standpoint it makes sense. It's a simple substitution, and there are certainly people out there that would prefer dark over milk chocolate. I'm just saying that I'm looking forward to something very innovative and out of the box from these guys. I want an OMG that will change the texture and flavour, yet still be an OMG. I know this is a tall order, but I think it can be done.