OMG's Clusters "Peanut"


I really have two reviews that I could write about the OMG's peanut variety. One review would be for those that have never tried OMG's before, and the other would for those that have tried the other varieties of OMG's. I guess what I'm saying is that these are pretty good snacks, but compared to the other varieties of OMG's, they don't really hold up. I can only assume that this variety of OMG came along well after the milk chocolate variety. I'm not saying that it was just an afterthought, or a money grab, but it just doesn't work as well as the others.

Since the only difference between these and the milk chocolate OMG's is the type of nut used, it's pretty obvious that the peanut is the reason these don’t work. I guess the question is what makes the almond in the original OMG's work better than the peanut. For me it comes down to texture and strength of flavour. While peanuts are probably my favourite nut for snacking on their own, I find that they're a very difficult nut to use in candies. If you have a snack that uses a nut other than a peanut, and you simply replace it with peanuts, I often find it doesn't work. Peanuts have a much stronger flavour, and compared to almonds (the nut used in the milk chocolate OMG's) a much softer texture.

This creates a big problem. If you decrease the number of peanuts to compensate for the flavour, then the texture suffers. If you increase the size of the nuts to help the texture, the flavour balance will go really wonky.

While this is not the perfect snack, it's still pretty amazing. If you've never had OMG's before, and you're presented with these, don't turn them down. I would say in the grand scale of the candy world these are excellent. They're just not as good as their milk chocolate and almond brothers.