OMG's Clusters "Milk Chocolate"


I have a little background with this candy, so I want to get it out in the open before I start this review. OMG's are a creation of a Canadian team of candy makers who became somewhat famous for a snack called Clodhoppers. Clodhoppers came about many years ago, when Candy Critic was at its infancy. When I first came across Clodhoppers, I thought they would be the perfect treat to review on Candy Critic, because they were Canadian, and they were awesome. I soon came in contact with the creators of Clodhoppers and we became internet friends. They really supported Candy Critic, and I really supported their awesome treats. As years went on, I lost contact with the guys from Clodhoppers, and we both went about on our merry way.

Then, when I was back in Canada this summer, I came across a new snack on the shelves of my local pharmacy, it was OMG's. The campaign for OMG's included having pictures of the creators (Chris and Larry from Clodhoppers) all over the store shelves, along with one of the members of the Dragon’s Den Canada (I assume they helped fund them). So, with their brilliant track record, I decided to give these a try. I was blown away. OMG's are like the second generation for Clodhoppers. It's as if they took a recipe that worked, and then tweaked it with a bit more candy making experience. I'm sure the guys from OMG's probably don't want me to compare this treat to Clodhoppers, but I'm only doing this because I love this new snack.

What you get with each bite is a beautiful balance of almonds and toffee covered in a melt in your mouth milk chocolate. The thing that makes this snack work is the absolute perfect ratio of all of these ingredients. If I was to point out one flaw with this candy, I would say that it's a lack of creativity, considering they are fairly similar to Clodhoppers. The thing is, I've always said if you don't go for a wacky super creative idea, you better make your simple idea perfectly. OMG's are perfectly executed.

I may have a bit of bias about this candy because of the relationship I've had with these awesome candy makers. I believe that the bias only effects the fact that I wouldn't have necessarily tried these had I not known who made them. The fact that they're really tasty is simple truth, and I challenge anybody to taste these and not agree that's they're terrific.