These are basically Skittles, but with a minor difference that actually makes them a little bit easier to eat. If you've ever had Skittles before (which I imagine you have if you’re reading a website dedicated to reviewing candy), one of the problems you might notice is that in no time your jaw starts to hurt. This is not the case with Oompas, they’re much easier on your jaw. They have similar flavours but they seem to be a little softer than Skittles. Fans of Skittles have always perplexed me, how can they eat a whole bag of Skittles without their jaw hurting. Then I was talking to a fan one day and I learned that their jaw’s do hurt. I was told that the pain is well worth the price of enjoying their favourite treat.

Personally, I like Skittles, but only in small doses. I don’t like the idea of pain while I eat my candy, that’s probably why I don’t like spicy food either. This is where these Oompas really work well for me. You can eat a whole bag of these and your jaw won’t be throbbing at all. The fruity flavours are pretty much the same as Skittles, so you won’t miss out on the amazing flavour either. Much like Skittles, each Oompa has a distinct fruit flavour that works on its own, but also works really well in combination with each other.

The added bonus of these is if you happen to like singing the Oompa Loompa song from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You can eat your candies, sing the song, and annoy your friends with no pain in you jaw at all.