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Puchitto Kudamono "Orange"


Taste: 4

Texture: 4

Novelty: 3

All scores out of 5

This is not really a pretty candy; even the package doesn't really show this candy in a favourable light. Each little orange slice looks like a marshmallow from a box of lucky charms. They're kind of fun to rip apart, as shown on the package, but the orange colour is really light, and they're very misshapen.

When I first bite into this treat, I was expecting marshmallow, but it's not really what I got. The texture is soft and chewy, but it's very different than marshmallow. I would describe it more like a soft bubble gum texture, in fact I thought at first that maybe it was gum. The thing is, unlike gum, this candy does eventually dissolve in your mouth. It's a fairly pleasant texture, and much better than a marshmallow.

The flavour is unmistakably orange, orange Tang to be precise. It's very strong, a little sour/bitter, and very much Tang. If you like the flavour of Tang, which I do, then you'll probably really enjoy these.

I really wish they spent just a little more time and effort towards making these look a little better, because that was really the only fault I could find with them. The texture of this treat seems like it would be easy to shape into a more detailed (and still detachable) orange shape. The flavour may be a little too fake and strong for some, but I really enjoyed it.