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Oreo "The Most Stuff"


I feel like Nabisco has been trying to figure out what the right amount of cream one should put in an Oreo for many years. I think it was discovered at one point that most people felt that there was not enough cream in the average Oreo. To fix this many people would separate their Oreos and make the perfect Oreo by stacking their preferred amount of cream between two cookies. Eventually Nabisco decided that they could double up on the cream to make these people happy. I feel like Double Stuff Oreos have become normalized and you can pretty much find them on any store shelf everywhere, sometimes they’re more common than the regular Oreos.

Recently however, something at Nabisco snap, and they started to experiment with even more cream. This lead to the creation of a double Double Stuff Oreo called Mega Stuff. You would think that would be the limit, but Oreo has stepped up even further and released this The Most Stuff Oreo. They appear to have doubled the cream in the Mega Stuff Oreo with this cookie. While my grammar and math skills are not perfect, I believe by calling these “The Most Stuff” they’ve hit their limit on the amount of cream they’re willing to put into a cookie.

Now you know how we’ve got here, the next question is whether or not this a gimmick or a real cookie treat. The answer is surprisingly in my opinion is that they’re actually a real cookie treat. You should know that I do enjoy lots of icing in an Oreo. Before double stuff I was the kid that would stack several layers of icing between my cookies. While eating more than a few of these might cause your teeth to ache, a few of them weren’t that bad. The chocolate in an Oreo cookie is very powerful, and while it was a lot of icing, I feel like the cookie could still stand up to the super sweet vanilla icing. I wouldn’t say it’s the perfect balance, but I would say that if you’re an icing fan, they’re not unbearable.

I don’t think these cookies are here to stay, and I don’t think they’ll be on everyone's regular cookie choice list. I would however recommend you try them at least once. Even if you’re not a huge icing fan, I think you might enjoy them more than expected.