November 2023


Original Hit


I’m not really sure why I bought these. When I saw them I assumed that they would be similar to Licorice Allsorts but in tube form. I don’t think I’ve reviewed Licorice Allsorts in the past, and that’s because it’s one of my least favourite candies. There are very few elements in Licorice Allsorts that appeal to me, and I also might have some childhood trauma with them. I was however pleasantly surprised with these long chewy tubes, and only a couple of them were similar to Licorice Allsorts and the similarities weren’t that close.

Each one of these tubes is different than the other, one of them is actually very different than the other three, it’s also my least favourite one. The different one that I didn’t really like has a soft yellow outside with a black licorice centre. This one is closest to Licorice Allsorts and kind of grossed me out. The problem is that not only is there a black licorice core (I’m not a huge licorice fan), but the soft yellow coating appears to have coconut mix in. These are two flavours that I’m generally not a huge fan of, and together they don’t seem to be greatly improved.

Unsurprisingly my second least favourite is the black tube filled with white cream. The only reason this didn’t tie for being my least favourite is that it does not contain any coconut. The next two tubes are most certainly my favourite, and surprisingly do not contain any licorice at all. I say surprisingly because I was pretty sure that all of these would contain licorice. The red tube with yellow filling (a fruity flavour) is marginally lower than the brown tube with light brown filling (a chocolate flavour). I’ll be honest though, my opinion on these two could change on a dime. I enjoyed them both and would be happy to eat a whole bag of them at any time.

While I did have favourites, and there were certain flavours of these that I would have a hard time eating a whole bag of just that flavour, I really liked this package of chewy tubes. Even the two flavours that I really didn’t like, weren’t that bad (it could be that I’m actually building up my tolerance for licorice). Most of all I really like the big variety of flavours that I got in this pack of tubes. I feel like anyone would enjoy at least one of these flavours. I’m a huge fan of variety, and these little package gave me just that.