AB Foods

In my entire career as the Candy Critic, I don't think I've ever seen a candy that looks so unappetizing. That's probably not true, since I've seen some pretty gross candies in my day, this candy just has something so uniquely unappetizing about it though. I think that it's not only unappetizing, but it's also seriously boring. What you have here is a small bag which contain a few small brown pill looking candies. They really look like pills, and not fun bright coloured pills, I'm talking some kind of very gross, brown vitamin looking pills. They’re the kind of pills you’d imagine will give you your daily dose of wheat grass.

Of all of these Ovalteenies, the first one is going to be the hardest one to eat. It's hard for your mind to get over the idea that you're about to bite into something that looks like a very bad tasting pill. Even after the first crunch, your mouth is going to be unhappy, as the texture is also that of a gross pill. The surprising part happens once you start tasting these little brown pills, because they're not that bad.

They're not the best chocolate treat I've ever eaten, but they're not bad at all. The flavour is slightly creamy with a hint of tasty chocolate. Both flavours balance with each other fairly well, and all in all I was really happy to eat the rest of my gross looking pill candies. It helped that I closed my eyes after the first one.

This might set a bad example for me; my opinion of gross brown pills is completely switched around. Now when I have to take my vitamins, I might just be tempted to crunch and that will likely not go well.