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S&S Candies

Taste: 2

Texture: 3.5

Novelty: 3.5

All scores out of 5

I look upon this package and can see no possibility of anything going wrong. No human being would even consider buying this snack unless they wanted to go overboard. The name of the candy isn't really a good description; it's more like a warning to those who might not be in the mood to take things a little overboard.

My first peanut butter cup has a cookie on it. It's a whole, although slightly smaller than usual, chocolate chip cookie. The texture of the peanut butter cup and crunchy cookie is a delight. Although I barely taste the peanut butter at all, I think it might help if they made the peanut butter cup a little larger. I know it's odd for me not to suggest making the cookie smaller, but this is "overload", right?

My next cup is the one covered in M&Ms. At least it looks festive. This cup is a little more balanced; I could still taste the peanut butter cup, but I also got to appreciate the texture of the M&Ms. This one's my favourite so far, but I still have one more to go.

Now for the final cup, a cup that is hard to describe in its overloadedness. It has a (full-size this time) Oreo-type cookie on it. I say "type" because it doesn't have the trademark "Oreo" on the wafer. This cookie is a perfect example of true "overload". There is too much chocolate to really enjoy the taste of my favourite part of the cookie, the cream. I also found that with the extra chocolate in the cookie, the flavour balance in the peanut butter cup was too chocolatey.

I'm thinking that the idea behind this treat has much merit, and I can't complain about overdoing it when the snack's called "Overload". I just found the cookie cups in particular to be a little too much all at once.