Macadamia Praline

Parkside Candy

This bar is nuttier than I am, it's so full of macadamia nuts that it'll make your head spin. This is another case of a candy’s balance of ingredients not really being what I like. It’s not to say that nobody will dislike this ratio of nuts to praline, it’s just not my cup of tea. This isn’t always the case with treats, sometimes the imbalance of ingredients is just wrong, and probably wrong for just about anybody eating it. In this case the imbalance is a personal feeling more than anything else.

Some people are crazy about fancy nuts like macadamias but I'm just not one of them. I like to have a macadamia nut now and then, but they have to presented in a particular way for me to enjoy them. When it comes snacking on macadamia nuts, I need balance or purity. In other words, if I want macadamia nuts, I will purchase a can of nuts and just enjoy them plain and simple. If I’m eating macadamia praline, I want balance, and this didn't have it. The sweet praline just didn’t balance with the rich macadamia nuts.

It’s not to say that this treat was a total failure though. The one part of the treat I really enjoyed had to be the quality of the ingredients, everything was fairly high. The chocolate, the caramel, even the nuts tasted great, it just needed to be a little more balanced to make these fine ingredients shine.