Party Time Strawberry Flavour Marshmallows


I don't normally focus that much on packaging, but before I start this review I have to mention something about the leaf shaped guy on this pack of marshmallows. I can't really figure out what a leaf has to do with strawberries or marshmallows. The only thing I could possibly guess is that originally marshmallows came from plants, and maybe this guy is shaped like a marshmallow tree leaf. But even if this is true, how many people know that marshmallows used to come from trees, let alone the shape of the leaf.

As for the marshmallows themselves, I should start this review by mentioning that I'm very picky about marshmallows. I used to say that I generally didn't like them, then I sampled a fresh gourmet marshmallow and my opinion changed. It turns out that I had just never tried a truly great marshmallow before that. All I can say about these marshmallows is that they are not great. They may be better than the worst marshmallows out there, but in general they're not great.

The texture is really spongy and doesn't melt in your mouth at all. That said, the worst part of these marshmallows is the flavour. The strawberry flavour is very fake, and perfumed. The good news about the flavour is that although it's pretty bad, it's also very weak. That would be fine if there was some other flavour that came in after the weak strawberry, but there's nothing. You're left chewing on a tasteless blob in seconds.

This treat could work, a strawberry marshmallow could taste great with real strawberry and a melt in your mouth texture. However, this treat is so far off I don't see them improving them that much without starting from scratch.