April 2022



Milk Chocolate Eggs

President’s Choice

This candy suffers from what many copycat candies suffer from, it’s just not as good as the original. I’ve even tried several copycat candies in this category, small pastel coloured candy coated chocolate eggs, and these might be the worst ones I’ve ever tried. Having said that they’re not horrible by any means. They’re pretty good little eggs, but they just don’t hold up to their competition, the original Cadbury Mini Egg or Eggies from Hershey’s.

The downfall I believe comes from a flaw that one often finds in “discount” candies, and that’s sugar. Too much sugar to be exact. This problem is particularly common when you have discount chocolate treats. It’s a way of saving money that unfortunately really affects the final product. In this case it seems that they’ve taken away some of the cocoa and added extra sugar. While I don’t dislike sugar, I feel like balancing it to chocolate is an art. It’s an art where you have to focus on taste over value.

If you’re given the choice between Cadbury Mini Eggs or Hershey’s Eggies and these, don’t go for these. If someone hands you a bag of these on Easter, accept the gift, you’ll be happy enough as you eat these while you go hunting for your other Easter treats. These are a copycat candy that suffer from the discount candy problems, but it’s still a pretty good treat.