Peanut Butter Malt Balls


Malt Balls… I’m not really sure about them at all. Basically, it’s a ball of spongy, bubbly, crunch, often covered in chocolate but in this case some kind of peanut butter flavoured chocolate as well. I’m not really sure what the “malt” center taste like on its own, or even if the center is the malt part. Maybe the chocolate and crunchy center combined are the malt part? If that’s the case then what do you call the part in the middle? I guess what I’m getting at is, while don’t understand malt balls, they do intrigue me.

The idea of making a malt ball peanut butter flavoured is a pretty simple jump in logic. After all, the association of peanut butter and chocolate is pretty common. One could assume that replacing the chocolate on a malt ball with a peanut butter flavoured chocolate would work fine. However, with these malt balls the chocolate is not replaced, instead it’s covered in a thicker outer peanut butter flavoured chocolate like layer. So, you still have a chocolate layer as well as the peanut butter layer.

The thing that really disappoints me about this treat has to be the “peanut butter flavoured” chocolate. I think it’s OK, and it tastes fine, but it really denies the eater a texture and a stronger flavour that real peanut butter might provide. I can see why they wouldn’t put real peanut butter on the outside (it would be way too sticky), but maybe putting it in between the chocolate outside and crunchy center would have been a better choice. I’m just always disappointed in flavoured chocolates, mainly because chocolate is a flavour, and other flavours should leave it alone.