When I first saw these little munch-ables on the shelf I thought that someone had managed to breed tiny little bananas. It filled my heart with such glee, because not only do I enjoy bananas, but the idea of little tiny ones made me giggle delight. I was quickly corrected and told that these little banana like crunchy things are in fact made of rice, and often flavoured either spicy or with herbs. I can't say if I was disappointed, my imagination had just been stomped on a little, but it was still neat to see a snack food I've never tried before.

The key to these little crunchy snacks is truly the balanced mix you get with the peanuts. Without the peanuts it would just taste like a bag of rice crackers. Maybe a rice cracker with a bit of spice, but still pretty bland and rice like. It’s important to note that these little banana shaped rice snacks stick to your fingers. It can make them a little challenging to get out of the package on a hot day. The cool thing about these fairly bland, slightly sticky rice crackers is that if you mix them up with a couple of peanuts it's something totally new.

It almost taste like Cracker Jacks, or at least that first taste you get when you bite into a handful of Cracker Jacks. The difference is you don't get that second sweet flavour you get with Cracker Jacks, instead you get a little spice, some peanut, and more rice cracker. I can't say that I'm addicted to these little munchies, but I'm glad I tried them.