July 2022










Peeps "Cotton Candy"

Just Born

I’m not sure what I was expecting. If you think about the two candies being merged together here, it really doesn’t make any sense. Marshmallow Peeps don’t really have too much of a flavour, maybe a hint of vanilla, but other than the flavoured varieties they’re really not that flavourful. Cotton candy is also not that flavourful most of the time. Again, sometimes there’s a slight fruity flavour, but mostly it just tastes like burnt sugar. That’s the problem here, the main flavour of both of these treats is plain sugar.

Both Peeps and cotton candy are vastly improved when you add another flavour. Both of these treats are a texture based treat that needs something else to improve the flavour. I should have thought of this when I bought these, but the cute little pink and blue chicks distracted me from this obvious problem.

I’ve also mentioned before on this site that marshmallows are not my favourite candy. It’s both a texture and flavour problem. While I’ve had a few marshmallows that I’ve liked, for the most part their weird texture and lack of flavour turn me off a little. Worst of all in the case of these cotton candy Peeps, I feel like they’re even more flavourless than usual.

I guess the little chicks are kind of cute, if I have to find one good thing about these. I feel like people might be interested when they see the name, fun packaging and bright colours of these Peeps, but from a flavour and texture angle they’re pretty blah.