Prince Edward Island Potato Bag Chips

PEI Specialty Chip Company

Man, I love potatoes, I really do. Some people claim to love potatoes but they just like getting them, and frying them up or baking them, and covering them in sauces or ketchup or something. It’s not that they love potatoes, they just love the fact that you can put all kinds of stuff on potatoes. Me, I could eat a baked potato plan; fries with nothing, I just love the taste of the lone potato. The great thing about chips is it's a great way to enjoy potatoes, and a great way to get all the salt I need in my diet (I have low blood pressure).

This also leads me the fact that I really like Prince Edward Island (the smallest province in Canada, otherwise known as PEI), not just because the fact that they're the potato capital here in Canada. It's a nice place to visit and also home of Anne of Green Gables. So, while visiting PEI I figured I couldn't wear the name Candy Critic without trying a bag of PEI potato chips… or at least I think these they are PEI potato chips.

You see, after reading the bag, I learned that these are in fact packaged in PEI but there's nothing on the bag that totally implies that the potatoes inside are locally grown. I was under the impression that they were locally grown and figured that they might be fresher because of the rustic design of the bag and my ability to believe anything that's thrown my direction.

What I found instead was a little disappointing. Really these just taste like your average bag of potato chips. They're not even a little fancy or kettle baked. It's not that they say that they should be fancier or anything, but I think it's implied because of the package. If I wanted a true PEI experience, I think I would have been much happier with pot of boiled new potatoes over these fairly boring potato chips.