Peppermint Crisp


While travelling through South Africa I was collecting all kinds of chocolate bars. There was a fairly good selection of bars to try, some were fairly unique, others were just copies of bars I already knew. Several times I walked by the Peppermint Crisp and considered buying it, but I kept assuming that it was either like the mint Aero bar or like the Dairy Milk mint bar. On the second last day of my South Africa adventure a friend of mine suggested that I try this bar, he told me it was unique, which I thought was strange since I had assumed up to that point that it was an average mint bar.

It's not often that I'm surprised by a candy bar, and even more rare to be surprised and delighted. Describing this bar is not really an easy feat. I'll start with the simple milk chocolate coating. This bar is wrapped in a pretty tasty and smooth milk chocolate coating that goes perfectly with the minty interior. The minty interior is where things get a little more complicated. Simply put, the inside of this bar seems to be some kind of aerated mint hard candy. The texture I can only compare to that of a Crispy Crunch or Butterfinger bar, but minty.

The mint flavour isn't very subtle, but it goes very well with the smooth milk chocolate. The first bite you take of this bar might be a little shocking, I seriously thought this bar was going to be horrible halfway through my first bite, but I was wrong. I won't go so far as to call this the perfect bar, but the unique qualities make it a must try for candy aficionados.