Perugina Tablo "Gianduia"


What can I say about a bar that tastes great, has an awesome texture, but doesn't really deliver on the flavour that it advertises? It's not really a failure, but it's not a success either. The package appears to indicate that I should taste some kind of chocolate with hazelnut, but the hazelnut is just not there. If you really think about it when you take a bite, you might get a hint of nuttiness, but I've had a stronger nutty flavour with some plain chocolates.

I think the fact that this bar has exceptional chocolate makes the fact that the hazelnut is almost nonexistent even more disappointing. The minute I bit into this bar my mouth was filled with a wonderful smooth chocolate texture, it melted in my mouth better than most chocolate bars do. The donut like squares of chocolate were just perfect in size as well. It really could have been the perfect chocolate bar, but it just doesn't have a strong hazelnut flavour.

I think you could fix this problem really easily as well. The hazelnut flavour that's in the bar is flavouring, and not chunks of real hazelnut. I think if you took some small hazelnut chunks and carefully blended them with the chocolate, this bar would be a seriously tasty bar. The texture of the small pieces of nuts would work perfectly, and if they were small enough, it wouldn't ruin the texture of the chocolate. If this bar didn't build up the idea of hazelnut in my head, it would have been so much better.