PEZ "Lemon Candy"


I have to be honest; I’ve never thought about reviewing lemon PEZ before. It’s likely one of the more forgotten candies that I never think about. It’s not PEZ as a candy though, I think about cherry PEZ fairly regularly, and I even give a thought to peppermint PEZ once in awhile (but only when I’m feeling smug about my candy history knowledge). The thing is, lemon PEZ always seems to fall to the wayside, it blends into the background at my local candy store. This is a problem, because it’s not a bad candy at all.

While I still won’t go on record saying that lemon PEZ is the best candy in the world, or even the best PEZ in the world. I still think it’s pretty good. I think if I had to give lemon PEZ a title, I would say it’s “the most underappreciated flavour of PEZ”. But all of this is going to change now, because I’m going to start thinking about it a little more. If someone offers me a PEZ from their dispenser, and lemon is the flavour on offer. I’m going to take it, instead of waiting for a better flavour to come along. In fact, I think I might start asking for it once in awhile. I’ll walk into my local candy store and say “do you have lemon PEZ, because I need something a little tart for my Darth Vader PEZ dispenser”.

Sure, It’s a bit fake in the lemon flavour, but the kind of fake flavour that’s still pretty good. It’s slightly tart, which is nice sometimes. I don’t think I’ll be starting the lemon PEZ appreciation group anytime soon, but I think I’ll give it a little more thought now and then.