Pik-One "4 Fingers"


This is a strange bar. Looking at the package you would imagine that it's a simple Kit Kat rip off, and you'd be kind of right. It's very similar to Kit Kat, with a few differences. The main differences are in the quality of the ingredients and ratio of ingredients, but I'll talk more about that later. There's also a slight design difference that I find intriguing. The bottom layer of a Kit Kat bar is a layer of chocolate, however with this bar the bottom layer is a wafer. Basically, the four fingers are being held together with a wafer instead of a slightly thicker layer of chocolate.

Ingredient wise the first downfall of this bar is the chocolate, it's just not as good as most Kit Kat bars (the US excluded). The stuff that's normally between the wafers is also not as good either, actually there may not even be anything between the wafers, it’s hard to tell. The wafers themselves are OK, likely the best part of this bar.

My dilemma with this review is all about the wafer bottom that holds this bar together. I can't tell if it's an improvement or one of the problems with this bar. I'm so turned off by the lack of quality in the rest of this bar that it's hard to know if this is an improvement or not. The only way to know for sure is to ask the folks at Kit Kat to try this idea out and send me a sample, but that's likely never to happen.