If I were to write a short review of this bar, it would simply say, "I didn't like it". There are probably a few of you out there who would probably disagree with me. The bar itself doesn't really have any major flaws that would lead me to not liking it. There are just several aspects that I personally don't like.

The main thing that turned me off about this bar is probably the most unique part of this bar, the orange flavour. I know that orange flavoured chocolate is nothing new, but an orange flavoured bar that is mostly rice crisps is something unique. Unfortunately, I really don't like orange flavoured versions of almost any chocolate treat, even the ones that are mostly rice crisps apparently.

I also didn't like the fact that this bar was mostly rice crisp either (so you can see how I was not impressed). Most of the time I find that rice crisps need to balance well with the amount of chocolate (and other stuff in a bar), and I don't think anything less than 50% chocolate (or other stuff) will work most of the time. The rice crisps themselves were also not the greatest either, they seemed kind of stale, but that could have been the place where I got them as well.
The chocolate itself seemed OK, but frankly it just could not rescue the overly abundant gross orange flavoured rice crisps. Maybe this Piko bar combination would work better with a more realistic, slightly toned-down orange flavour, as well as a bit more chocolate.