Pineapple Lumps


Fortunately for the folks at Pascall, I wasn't able to write this review immediately. I sampled a few pineapple lumps and thought they weren't gross, but not really that great either. Then, for various reasons, I had to put my Pineapple Lumps into the refrigerator, and they actually improved. I'm not saying they went from bad to excellent, but they did improve from bad to acceptable.

A Pineapple Lump is a chocolate covered square of pineapple flavoured nougat/marshmallow. The dark chocolate coating is surprisingly tasty and smooth, and the only great thing about this treat. The chewy centre bit on the other hand didn't work at all. The chewy texture can be described as either an overly chewy marshmallow or a way too sticky nougat. The flavour is closer to a banana flavour than pineapple, and as a banana flavour it was still pretty lame.

As you can see, Pineapple Lumps didn’t really cut it for me, however, if you put your pineapple lumps in the refrigerator the texture and flavour of the centre changes. The texture is a little chewier and a lot less marshmallow like. It's a bit of a challenge for your jaw, but much more pleasant than when it's warm. The gross banana/pineapple flavour is made much more subtle when chilled as well, so the chocolate takes over more thus making it far more palatable.

Warm this treat isn’t great, cold this is a better treat.