I have to say eating this bar made me feel a little less of a man. It's not easy eating something called "Pinky" and not feeling a little feminine. I think I'll go play some football after I do this review, just to balance things out. I’m not saying that being feminine is bad, I’m just saying that this bar is not very masculine. Although if I thought about it, I could try and relate it to the smallest finger on my hand, that might help. That still wouldn’t help with the giant yellow heart on the package.

So, name and bright yellow heart on the wrapper aside, how was the treat? Well first of all I'm really picky about marshmallow treats. Cheap marshmallow presented in a really bad way can turn me off really fast. This Pinky bar, fortunately does neither. The marshmallow melted in my mouth and the chocolate was excellent. The caramel was subtle, there could have been a little more, but I'm glad they didn't over due it either. Too much caramel could have made this a disaster. The saving grace of this bar is the fact that they used good quality ingredients, and balanced them out really well. It almost makes the marshmallow excusable.

All in all, this bar isn't bad, considering I normally don't go for marshmallow bars that's pretty high praises.