Chocolate Toffee Pistachios

Harry and David

It's a very rare occasion that I find a treat that is different and interests me a whole lot. Well, maybe that's not true, I really love candy and frankly just about any candy makes me happy. It is rare however when the treat is something I've never even thought of, and best when it's also really simple. That's exactly what happened to me when I saw these treats sitting on a shelf. I thought to myself, “I love pistachios,” and in any kind of candy setting they are actually really rare. The thing about these is that after eating a couple I found out why. I found that the pistachio really doesn't have a strong enough flavour to hold up against toffee and chocolate.

After eating a few more (about 20 or 30) I found that I could make out the pistachio flavour, but it was really subtle. The chocolate wasn't the best I've had either; I would expect a little more from a high-end treat like this. I’m not saying that the pistachio would have worked with a better chocolate, but it would have improved the snack a little bit.

Maybe it's not fair, maybe I was just hoping a little too much, maybe I was expecting something too great, but this Chocolate Toffee Pistachios just didn't measure up to what I'd hoped. They’re not bad, but I was really expecting (hoping for) spectacular.