Pitsinia (Ritsinia)


The concept of this snack is kind of brilliant, particularly today when bacon is pretty much one of the most ultra trendy foods that I know. Bacon flavoured products have been around for a while, but few ever attempt to not only taste like bacon but also deliver the look of bacon as well. Unfortunately, these Pitsinia advertise that they have the look of bacon down (based on what I saw on the bag), but frankly the food in the bag failed to deliver at all. The best way to describe the look of these crunchy snacks is to say that they looked like striped, squished cheese puffs. That's pretty much a good way to describe the texture as well.

The taste was pretty much your classic fake bacon flavour, like you might find in a bacon flavoured chip. So, it wasn't too bad at all flavour wise. I was just so disappointed at how bad these things looked and how dull the colours where compared to what I saw on the bag. The average bacon flavour just wasn't enough to impress me after all of the visual disappointment. These snacks failed one of the most important food truths, you taste with your eyes before your mouth.

If you really like fake bacon flavoured snacks, you’ll be happy enough with these. I would suggest eating them with your eyes closed, so you can imagine that they look like the snacks on the package. For now, I continue to search for a snack that represents bacon to its fullest, because these Pitsinia are not it.