Pixie "Original Caramel"


When you put caramel and chocolate together it's really a no brainer. You know that this is a flavour combination that is going to work. The thing is, it's not an infallible combination, and it can go wrong. In fact, there are many things one can do to screw up this flavour combination. For example, you can mess up the proportions and add too much or too little chocolate. You can also be cheap with the quality of either or both of the ingredients. While chocolate and caramel on paper seem like the perfect combination, you can make a bad chocolate/caramel treat.

The reason I bring up all of the things that could go wrong with this bar is so I can highlight all of the things they did right with the Pixie Caramel. The balance of chocolate and caramel in this bar is almost perfect. I only say “almost” because it may have worked better with a little more chocolate. However, adding more chocolate might screw up the really great flavour balance between the dark chocolate and the caramel for this bar. The faults of this bar are so minor, that they might only be in my head.

I guess what I'm saying is, had they not used dark chocolate this treat may not have worked. It also might be improved with a little more chocolate, but I'm not sure. Other than that, the chewy caramel was wonderful, very similar to a nice creamy nougat, smooth and tasty. This bar is very good, and it shows what you can do with chocolate and caramel.