Salted Plum Flavoured Crunch Sticks


Thinking about how much snacking on a plum right now might just hit the spot? Wondering if maybe a cracker would be better? You my friend are in what some would call a pickle, I mean how could you enjoy a nice salty cracker and a plum all at the same time? Well the people at Calbee might just have a solution for you.

Or they might not. What they provide you here is in fact a cracker, and the little specks tell me that an attempt to mix in plum was made. The problem is I don't really taste the plum at all. All I get here is a really salty cracker with pretty little red/purple bits inside each stick.

Although when I think about my experiences with salted plums in the past, really salty just about sums it up. The thing is if you have something that tastes like something else, then you take that something else flavour, package it up with pictures of the original something on the front, then what are you selling. Come to think of it after that sentence I don't know what I'm saying.

Boiled down it's like this, these are really salty cracker sticks with plums on the front and insignificant plum bits attached to each one. I can’t really recommend these to you unless you’re trying to fulfill a list of eating every kind of plum related snack in Asia.