P - Europe - Unique

Popcorn Snax


Taste: 4

Texture: 4

Novelty: 3

All scores out of 5

My opinion of these treats changed several times today. When I first saw them on the shelf I walked by and thought that it was just another gimmick. Then I walked about 10 feet further and gave it a second thought. Maybe it might be something a little different, something more than just chocolate flavoured popcorn. I bought the pack, fairly happy with my choice, about an hour later I started to worry that I made the wrong choice. What if this popcorn is stale, what if it's really dry and soft.

Finally, I opened the pack up, and was totally impressed. I was impressed first of all for what it was not. It wasn't stale, it wasn't soft, and it wasn't tasteless. Then I was impressed by a couple of surprises. Most of all was the hint of salty flavour in each bite. I'm a big sucker for salty and savory together, and this treat delivers it well. I may have also got a hint of caramel, but only a little if it was in fact there.

The texture was really nice and crunchy and considering it probably wasn't popped today it seemed really fresh. I'm guessing it could be a problem if you happen to taste an old bag of these, since I don't imagine the shelf life is that long. But fresh, this is a great and fun treat for sure.