Mini Eggs "Popping"


These little crunchy chocolaty Mini Eggs are pretty much exactly the same as their regular Cadbury Mini Egg cousins. A crunchy coating filled with smooth milk chocolate, nice and small, colourful and fun. The difference happens about 20 seconds after you've bit into your first little egg. Pretty much once the candy coating is pulverized into nothing and you have a bit of smooth chocolate still melting in your mouth, a slight tingle starts happens in the back of your throat.

These pops are ever so slight and subtle that if you don't stop to think about them you just might not notice them at all. I'm not sure if that's a bad or good thing either. I'm lucky enough to be in a quite room with little distractions so the popping is kind of nice and playful. However, if you where on a downtown bus with some crazy maniac yelling obscenities at whomever will listen, you just might not catch them.

While some might say that the popping is a little too subtle, I also imagine that too harsh a pop could be a problem too. If I ate these and loud noise started to erupt from my mouth causing me to convulse, then I'm pretty sure all of the people around me would wonder what’s wrong with me (except maybe the crazy guy yelling obscenities). Cadbury made a choice with the power of the popping candy, and I think subtle works well in this case.

So, I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with the level of pop in this candy, and as always I'm more than happy with the quality of the Cadbury chocolate as well.