Poppets "Orange..."

Fox Confectionary

On the back of the box, in fine print, it says, "If they aren't fun, please return the packet and its contents to..." The good news for the people at Fox's Confectionary is I shall not feel the need to book a flight Australia in order to return their product. Even if I was living in Australia, I probably wouldn’t want to return these. That's saying a lot because I'm normally not a big fan of orange chocolate. I find that more candy companies manage to mess up this flavour combination than those that make it work.

Having said that I have to admit, I've never actually tried a real orange slice with chocolate. Maybe this combination is actually pretty tasty, and I just don’t know about it. I think that may be a future endeavour. Back to the snacks in question. These little balls of chocolate aren't bad at all. They're actually balls of chocolate with an orange flavoured cream in the middle. I think I'm probably ok with them because the orange cream is pretty subtle. If you overpower fake orange flavour and mix it with chocolate it's pretty much just a disaster, these don’t suffer from this at all.

The texture was about the only off-putting thing about these Poppets, and that's mainly because the cream in the middle was a little hard. Now I'm not sure if my package was a little old (something that happens often when you get treats from overseas), so I can't say that it's a true downfall of these treats regularly. However if this is the normal texture of these little Poppets balls, then may I suggest to the folks at Fox's that they try and formulate a softer cream filling.