Popz "Milk Chocolate Covered Caramel Popcorn"


This is not the first time I've ever eaten chocolate covered caramel corn in my life. While this Popz Milk Chocolate Covered Caramel Popcorn tastes pretty good, the main difference is that this stuff has is that it stays fresh. This flavour of this popcorn is ok, nothing spectacular, but it’s fine. The chocolate to caramel to popcorn ratio isn't bad. The caramel covers the corn fairly well, which is the first key to any kind of caramel popcorn snack. The chocolate is also of a fairly good quality, and that’s nice too.

Having said all of that, the most importantly detail of this treat is in the packaging, because of the way it's packaged, it's fresh. You could have the best ingredients in the world, but if you’re caramel corn is stale, and your chocolate is all white and gross, it’s not going to be any good to eat. You can get away with a fairly average snack, if you can make sure it tastes fresh.

So how much of this stuff could I eat? With the savory popcorn balancing out the sweet of the chocolate and caramel, I could probably go through a lot of these. I could probably go through a much bigger bag of these than I was given. It really seems like the perfect snack to mindlessly eat while watching a movie at home, or going for walk. While I’ve enjoyed writing this review, I think I'll stop now and enjoy the last of my Popz Milk Chocolate Covered Caramel Popcorn.