Possum Poop

Rudei Dudes

In some ways I have to give the Rudei Dudes some credit for this candy, but in other ways I have to throw them a little shade. I’ll give them credit for the look of this candy. When I ate this candy, I didn’t know what possum poop looked like, so when I opened the package and was presented with a small green cylinder, I was skeptical. It actually made me think a little about what possum poop might have looked like, I did what one might expect, and I looked it up on the internet (you’d be surprised how many people have posted pictures of possum poop). As it turns out, possum poop is cylindrical, and can on occasion have a green hue. So, while the shape of this treat is a little cartoon like, this gum did kind of look like possum poop.

The part where this candy is going to lose a few points however is in the flavour. The description says that it’s supposed to be an “apple, grape, blueberry, strawberry flavoured sour powder filled bubble gum”. That’s a lot to ask from one small piece of gum, and frankly this gum did not deliver most of that. The fruit flavour I tasted the entire way through was apple. I can’t say that I tasted any other fruit flavours at all. The only reason this would be acceptable is if the point of the candy was to give you “one of” the flavours mentioned, and not a combination of them all. The sour powder was also a bit of a mystery to me. At first bite there was a hit of sour, however I really didn’t get any kind of powder texture. It could be because of how it mixed with the gum, but frankly I didn’t sense any kind of powder grit at all. The sour burst was nice, but it was short and really missing the powder texture.

Basically, what you have here is a slight sour, green apple cylinder of gum. Sure, it kind of looks like a piece of possum poop if you use your imagination, but I can’t say that I was ever grossed out by the idea of eating this. The flavour was okay, if you like sour apple, but it certainly didn’t deliver the flavour experience that was promised on the package.

Chew Time: 5 minutes