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Potato Chip Bar


Taste: 3.5

Texture: 1.5

Novelty: 2

All scores out of 5

I enjoy a chocolate covered potato chip now and again. They're tasty and crunchy and a great example of how sweet and savory can work wonderful magic together. I can remember the first time I'd ever had a chocolate covered chip, I saw them in a window of a candy store on my way home from school and thought I would try one out. I didn't have enough money so the lady charged me what I had and let me have a couple of chips.

This bar is an attempt to take this great treat and make it... well honestly I can't really figure out what they're trying to do. The problem you have with chocolate covered chips and selling them on a larger scale is that they would most likely break during shipping. These guys figured that if they broke them for you then that would be better. It's not that the flavour is lost or anything, although a little more salt would be nice. It's just that the big crunch one gets from the chip is gone. Instead it breaks it down into little rice crisp type treats. I guess these are OK, but I really don't think this is a solution to a problem, or the way you should try chocolate covered potato chips for the first time.

I think we have to look to packaging companies to make a chocolate covered potato chip that works. I'm thinking the people at Pringle's might have a few ideas.