Pot of Gold "Pecan Caramel Clusters"


If you go to your local store and find these Pot of Gold Pecan Caramel Clusters, your in for a classy surprise. The cluster blend of crunchy pecans, smooth caramel, covered in chocolate is all class. There’s just something about the ingredients that make this treat stand out over many other candies in a grocery store (where I bought these). They seem like they belong in a glass case in a fine chocolate shop. I shouldn’t be able to buy a package of these; they should be delivered to me by a nice person using tongs to pick them up and put them in a small white box.

Many high-end chocolatiers make something like these, but not all of them are created equal. These Pot of Gold Pecan Caramel Clusters would rank as one of the good ones. There are just enough pecans not to balance with the other ingredients. The caramel is one of the smoothest caramels I've ever had in a treat of this kind. The chocolate is okay, (I've had better) but it certainly is a nice quality for a treat made in North America (as opposed to a fine European chocolate). The chocolate is not too waxy at all, and melts very well in your mouth.

If that special someone shows up to your door with these, its at least worth a kiss on the cheek. That is unless they’ve eaten a few of them, then I would say that’s a sign.