Prince Polo


I'm starting to develop a bit of a love for wafer bars. I have to admit that in the past I've had mixed or mostly negative feelings about wafer bars, but that's all changing. I should point out that a wafer bar, to me, is a bar where the main ingredient is a wafer. A bar like Kit Kat uses wafers, but it's not really the main ingredient of the bar. In these cases, wafers play a smaller roll in the taste and texture of the bar. My dislike of bars where the wafer plays the main roll in the bar comes from one fundamental problem that many wafer bars have, and that is too much tasteless wafer. For the most part I often find that wafers are rather tasteless, and other than a slight texture, they add nothing to bars at all.

So, the problem I have with these wafer heavy bars is the balance of wafer to other elements, as well as the flavour of the wafer itself. The Prince Polo bar, is one of the bars that's changing my mind on the subject. Not only is the balance of chocolate, filling, and wafer perfect, the wafer has a really nice and subtle flavour that adds to the bar. It doesn’t taste like I’m biting into a piece of Styrofoam. Instead this bar has a nice solid crunch, but also delivers on chocolate and filling as well.

I'm going to have to start re-thinking how I feel about wafer bars after eating this one. I'm not saying this Prince Polo bar is the best treat I've ever had, but it might be one of the best wafer bars I've ever had.