September 2023

Pringles "Original"


Pringles have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. The thing about Pringles is I always think that I like them less than I actually do. When I think of Pringles, all I can think about is an overly processed, oddly shaped disk like crunchy snacks. I have a hard time putting them in the same category as potato chips, but since they’re mostly made of potatoes it’s hard to say they’re crackers. At the mention of Pringles my taste buds get a little confused and a slight Styrofoam feeling starts to develop in my mouth.

The thing is, once I eat the first Pringle, part of that goes away. I don’t hate Pringles, at least at first. Upon the first bite the flavour of potato is most definitely there, and they’re always seasoned perfectly with salt. I also can’t ignore the shape. It’s very weird that each and every potato chip is exactly the same shape and size. The advantage of this however is that the shape and size are very pleasing to hold and bite into. I feel like Pringles has had many years to master this shape and I feel like this is the perfect shape for a potato chip.

This is an odd situation, each one of these chips has no blemishes, the shape is perfect, but I’m not convinced that this is the best potato chip. While mathematically these should be perfect, they’re not. There’s something about each chip being exactly the same that makes me feel like there’s a lack of character. Flavour wise I can’t say that these are the best chips either. I can say that they’re the most consistent chips, but the very best bag or bite of some regular chips is far better than these.

This leads to why I said that I don’t hate Pringles upon the first bite. I feel like I get tired of these perfectly manufactured chips by the time I get to the last chip. Sure it’s guaranteed I won’t get a wonky odd flavoured chip on the last bite, but I also won’t end with a bang either. I understand that some people hate these chips. I don’t hate Pringles, but I also always end up a little confused and slightly bored by the time I finish a can.