Man are these Puckerooms ever fruity. This candy brings up one of my main fascinations in the whole gummy phenomenon. As I eat these gummies, I ask myself, why in the world would someone want to eat a super fruity mushroom? What candy creative mind thought it was a good idea to sell mushrooms to kids? Even if you get around the whole drug paraphernalia angle, it’s still pretty strange to encourage kids to eat fruity mushrooms.

I’m not saying I don’t like these gummies; I’m just saying that the shape that they’ve chosen is a little weird. Fortunately, not only do these gummies have a weird theme, but they’re also really tasty. As the package says, they’re made with real fruit juice, and these Puckerooms loaded with it. They’re really soft and easy to chew, which is a good feature to have in any gummy candy. There also just sour enough to accent the flavour, but not so sour as to take away from the nice fruity flavour.

I’d get these gummies again in a second. They tasted fantastic and the flavour was perfect. The strange theme is something I can look past and I’m just assuming that I’m not cool enough to get it. My only concern about these gummies would be that if they were sitting out for a while, they may go hard, and I think that would really ruin them. Just to be safe, I guess I’ll just have to finish this whole bag of Puckerooms right now.