Pudding Baby


What the heck is going on with this weird chocolate treat. Here I am expecting one kind of candy, and what I got was not even close. This is a common problem one can find when they review a treat from a place where they don’t understand the language, as well as some of the culture. While there is a bit of English on this package, there’s really only enough for me to figure out the name of the candy, and the people who make it (Meiji). The rest of the package is a complete mystery to me, so it’s not really surprising that this candy didn’t deliver what I expected.

My first assumption was that I thought these Pudding Baby candies would be chocolate flavored. I'm not sure why I thought this, maybe it was the brown bear on the package or maybe I thought it might be the pudding in the name, but I was wrong. The strange thing is that these little cylinders seem to have a licorice flavor, something very surprising to me. I also thought they would be a hard candy, but again I was proven wrong by a candy. Instead these Pudding Baby candies had more of a soft chocolaty consistency. This texture threw me off a little because my brain still assumed it was going to be chocolate, but it wasn’t.

To be honest I bought these for the cool package, and what did I get, a strange and to be honest a little gross surprise.