Chocolate is great, I would safely say that it’s one of my favourite ingredients in candy, and for the most part round chocolate is great too. British chocolate is always amazing and adding nuts to chocolate never hurt either. So to sum up, round chocolate with nuts is often a win in my book, as a candy design it seems like a no brainer, but with all that said, this treat was what I might call a "blah".

It wasn't that this Puds sphere was bad, it just didn't make me jump out of my seat and beg for more. I can't really blame the chocolate though, it seemed fine, actually it was above average, at least when you compare it to most other North American chocolate treats. I think if I was to look at why this treat didn’t work; I would say that this treat suffered in the truffle department. The filling of this Puds sphere had a slight hazel nut flavour, but it lacked strength, actually it lacked any form of real hazel nut at all. It tasted like it was hazel nut “flavoured” truffle with crisps in it. I’m not sure if there were any real hazelnuts used in the making of this bar, and if there was, they were processed into nothing.

If your going to make a treat like this, why not use real hazelnut? There’s also the fact that the truffle could have been a little heavier. If I want a light texture, I go for a whipped nougat, but if I go for a truffle, I want it to sit much heavier. For the most part this treat rates pretty good if you compare it to your average candy, but I was expecting a little more based on what I was getting, and I don't think I got it.