Gummy Pumpkins


These gummies could have gone one direction or the other when it comes to theming. They could have either been over themed or under themed, based on their shape. My opinion is that they are under themed, and here's why. The big trend today is pumpkin spice, you can pretty much get any kind of food in the world in a pumpkin spice flavour. When I first saw these pumpkins... well I was pretty sure that they wouldn't be pumpkin, or pumpkin spice flavoured. It would have been a happy and strangely surprised if they had been, but I was pretty sure they wouldn't be. But they got me thinking about that possibility, and that instantly led me to being disappointed that they weren't. So, in some ways, due to my imagination, I was disappointed with these gummies.

If you get by the disappointment of maybe having a brand new flavour of gummy, these aren't that bad. They've got a nice somewhat fake orange flavour that's good enough. They look pretty cool, particularly with their green stems. The texture is much more of a jelly than a gummy. It's nice and soft and just gives a little bit allowing you to bite down without overworking your jaw. If this was shaped as an orange, I would have thought this was the best gummy ever.

If I have to give this candy one credit on the creativity scale, I'd have to say it's inspirational. It looked so great as a pumpkin that it inspired the idea of pumpkin spiced gummies. If you pick these up, you'll probably be fairly happy, unless you have an over active imagination.