Sour Punch "Punchies"

American Licorice Company

Sometimes, when I’m about to taste a treat I’ve never tried before, I make assumptions about what to expect. Sometimes I'm right, and sometimes I'm wrong. The assumption I made about these Sour Punch Punchies was very wrong indeed. I was expecting little sour hard balls that might get sourer the longer you suck on them. Instead I got wonderful chewy soft balls with a sour start and sweet finish. While the sour and sweet flavour is the main focus of this treat, the small details really are what make this treat work for me.

The texture of these balls is really soft, not like some candies that hurt your jaw after a few handfuls; these Sour Punch Punchies melt away between your teeth beautifully. The slightly harder exterior keeps them from melting away in the bag, and it gives you a slight satisfying crunch when you bite down. Best of all this texture combination allows you to enjoy the sour to sweet flavour experience perfectly.

Flavour wise they're very simple, orange is orange, green is apple, red is some kind of red berry, blue I assume is blue berry, and yellow is lemon. Each flavour is distinctly different, the apple being my least favourite, and the blue being my favourite. The lemon tastes the sourest, and even leaves that pucker sour feeling in the back of your mouth after you've eaten it.

The idea of sour chewy candies isn't really that original, and neither are the flavour choices. The key to this candy’s success is the balance of texture and flavour, and how well they managed to make all the elements work together.