Puredent "Spearmint"


There's a strange flavour going on in this gum, it tastes... well it tastes like the real stuff, it actually tastes like mint. The back of this package lists a whole bunch of ingredients that either are or aren't in this gum and it's both terrifying and intriguing. Most bizarre of all is "magnolia bark extract" which is supposed to be good for the breath. At first bite the gum has a really realistic mint flavour, it's hard to describe but it sure isn't the same as other spearmint gums. It actually tastes like you’re eating a sprig of mint, fresh out of your garden.

Once you start to chew it a little, that strong mint flavour dies down, either that or you get used to it. After a little while longer this gum almost gets a slight perfumed type flavour. It's not strong like Thrills gum or anything, and the mint is still strong enough to balance it out, it's just an unmistakable flowery aftertaste. The more I chew the less I like the aftertaste, but its not so bad yet that I feel the need to spit it out at all.

The texture of the gum is pretty solid at first. The gum is dense and the shell is a little less crunchy than I would have liked. It takes little time however to get to a regular gum chewing texture and it seems to last a pretty long time.

Chew Time: About 30 Minutes